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New Ethics Training Reviews Real JPL Cases

The JPL Ethics Office has kicked off the latest round of ethics training with two sessions for the 5X organization. The training, which takes about one hour, is intended to maintain a high level of ethics awareness among JPL employees. It features several cases that are based on actual JPL ethics investigations. The training also summarizes ethics activity levels for 1998 and 1997, emphasizing ethics contacts, investigations and disciplinary action. Lastly, three key ethics policies are briefly described.

We are often asked why ethics training is done on a yearly basis. The answer has to do with awareness. Since we started the ethics program in 1991, we've had periods where we've done training and periods where we haven't. What we've found is that when we do training, calls to the ethics office go up. When we don't do training, calls go down. This indicates that the JPL community remains more aware of ethics issues when they are regularly briefed on ethics.

As always, our goal is to train 100% of all JPL employees. On-site contractors are also welcome. We encourage JPL organizations to schedule ethics training as part of their regular staff meetings. This allows the training to be charged to the normal accounts people work on a daily basis instead of training accounts. To schedule training call Martha Aviña at 4-3154.

Volume 4 Issue 2 - July 12, 1999

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