The JPL Ethics Office

Conflict of Interest in Procurements

Procurement tasks allow employees the opportunity to procure various items such as goods or services, hardware or software or acquire support services via university subcontracts or contractor personnel. Just as important, are opportunities to purchase items with the JPL P-Card.

With procurement ethics, employees are obligating the Lab; therefore, we are responsible for JPL's reputation for sound procurements. The acquisition process is conducted with integrity, fairness, and openness.

Good Relationships Begin With Trust.

We always want to be mindful that we are spending public funding and that our transactions are auditable and may be subject to investigation or review. When we are involved with or participating in procurements activities, we want to be aware of the following procurement conflicts of interest:

  • Financial holdings or investments with a supplier

  • Relationships with suppliers (consulting, employer, personal/familial relationships)

  • Self-dealing (employee-owned business)

  • Discussions regarding future employment

We encourage each employee to become familiar with JPL's acquisition policy titled General Acquisition and Procurement Activities, Rev. 11 DocID 60413 and to view the Acquisition web site for more information