The JPL Ethics Office

Gifts and Gratuities

JPL has strict rules that govern the acceptance of business perquisites from suppliers so we can avoid any misunderstanding, embarrassment or perception of favoritism. Acceptable gifts from suppliers are advertising or promotional items of $20 or less. Refreshments and other light fare are acceptable hospitalities, but it is our expectation that JPL employees will pay their fair share at hosted or attended events, conferences, celebrations and meals.

Also, employees must not solicit or accept from any interested party any gratuity or other thing of value, either directly or indirectly for themselves, or for persons with whom they have personal, business, or financial ties.

For additional information, please refer to the following JPL policies;

JPL Rules! DocID 58717 Offering or Giving Gratuities, Rev. 1

JPL Rules! DocID 58722 Soliciting or Accepting Gifts or Gratuities, Rev. 1