The JPL Ethics Office

Fraud and Kickbacks

Fraud can be defined as deliberately practiced deception whether by words, conduct, false or misleading allegations or by concealment to secure unfair or unlawful gain.

Fraud may include the following intentional actions:

  • Making an oral or written false statement or representation

  • Making or using a false writing or document knowing it to contain a false statement or entry.

  • Falsifying, concealing, or covering up material fact.

A kickback may be defined as any money, fee, commission, credit, gift, gratuity, thing of value, or compensation of any kind which is provided either directly or indirectly for purposes of improperly obtaining or rewarding favorable treatment in connection with award or performance of subcontractors or subcontracts.

JPL and subcontractor employees are prohibited from:

  • Providing, attempting to provide, or offering to provide any kickback;

  • Soliciting, accepting, or attempting to accept any kickback; and

  • Including, directly or indirectly, the amount of any kickback in the contract price charged by a subcontractor to JPL or in the amount charged by JPL to the Government.

It is the individual's responsibility to conduct their business activities with high standards or ethical conduct, and to avoid actions that would bring discredit on themselves or the Laboratory.

Please refer to JPL Rules! DocID 58715 Fraud and Kickbacks, Rev. 0 for additional information.