The JPL Ethics Office

Importance of Accurate Labor Charging

JPL employees are required to know and follow JPL's timekeeping and labor charging and allocation requirements and practices. Following sound time charging practices ensures that you, the employee, are accurately paid, and that JPL correctly accounts for those costs appropriately. JPL's Timekeeping, Labor Charging and Labor Allocation requirements JPL Rules! DocID 61772 are available so that our employees understand the importance of accurately recording time worked. Knowing and following JPL labor charging and labor allocation and timekeeping practices creates an environment for effective project cost management.

The essential labor charging and labor allocation rule that all JPL employees MUST comply with is:

'Employees can only charge/allocate to those cost accounts on which he or she actually worked. Employees should submit their timecards with the cost account number they actually worked on, even if they are directed otherwise'

If you are directed otherwise, contact the Ethics Office immediately.

Timekeeping processes, requirements, procedures, and additional reference materials can be found at