The JPL Ethics Office

Outside Activities

  • Outside Interests: Any activity which involves a commitment of time and talent outside of JPL.

  • Outside Activity Request Form: The formal request for approval to engage in a business relationship or outside employment on a part-time basis.

  • Outside Activities: Inquiries involving any activity, with or without compensation, which involves either employment, or a business relationship with an entity other than Caltech/JPL.

  • Other Outside Interests: Activities outside JPL employment that have the potential of resulting in a conflict of interest or a conflict of commitment with JPL.


Examples: Outside Request Form:

  • An employee involved in software development wants to consult for a video game manufacturer.

  • A researcher wants to teach a course at UCLA in the evenings.

Examples: Outside Activities:

  • Do I have to file an application to work at McDonalds nights and weekends?

  • Should I file an application now, even though I have been consulting for five years for this company?

Examples: Other outside Interests:

  • An employee is an elected member of a local school board.

  • An employee is considering running for City Council in his/her community.

  • An employee is very involved in volunteer work for a church or charitable organization.