The JPL Ethics Office

Ethics Resources

Every employee must seek guidance when ethical business issues are unclear and to report suspected violations. Sometimes recognizing issues is not so easy. Employees are encouraged to seek guidance and become familiar with JPL's ethics resources.

Remember that your supervisor is often your first resource for ethics advice and to answer questions. Your supervisor and other subject matter experts are always available to assist you with frank and open communication.

JPL Ethics Office (818)354-6338
JPL Ethics Help line (818)354-9999
Caltech Ethics Help line (626)395-8787 or Toll-free at (888)395-8787
Caltech Code Of Conduct Caltech Code Of Conduct
JPL Ethics Handbook JPL Ethics Handbook
Conflict of Interest Conflict Of Interest Disclosure Form
Outside Activity Outside Activity Request Form
Doing Business The Caltech Way Caltech Ethics Handbook
Procurement Ethics JPL Supplier Brochure
Posters Honor Code Poster
My LifeMatters (Employee Assistance Program)
JPL Guidelines for Ethics in Research JPL Guidelines for Ethics in Research
Acquisition Holiday Ltr Acquisition Holiday Ltr
Use of Letterhead Guidance Use of Letterhead Guidance

Matters involving such issues as discrimination, sexual harassment, drug and alcohol abuse, safety and security violations, and work-related problems between employees and management shall be handled through normal supervisory channels, reported to Employee Relations, and/or other established Laboratory channels.

Retaliation, including threats or reprisals in any form for raising concerns about wrong doing will not be tolerated and, if alleged, will be investigated, and if substantiated, may result in discipline, up to and including termination.