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New Technology Reporting (NTR)

A New Technology Reporting (NTR) form enables a contributor or developer of new technology to report that technology to Caltech and NASA. The NTR may form the basis for a patent application filed by either Caltech or NASA. A new technology report should be filed when there has been technology development. For the purpose of this office, technology development is defined as any activities involved in the creation of something new, or the improvement of something which has already been developed. It is the formulation of a technology concept or application, transforming the concept into hardware or software, and taking it to the point where you have proven that it works in a controlled, relevant environment.

NTR contact: Carla Bagdasaryan x3-3421, Technology Transfer Liaison and Outreach

Safeguarding Your Innovations

Space Act Awards

Space Act Awards are awards given by NASA through the Inventions and Contributions Board (ICB) for outstanding scientific or technical contributions sponsored, adopted, supported, or used by NASA which are significant to aeronautics and space activities. For more information please visit

Space Act Award contact: Rani Kamarga x3-7995 Space Act Awards Administrator

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