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Use of Electronic Communications Resources

JPL provides electronic communication services, including phones, fax machines, email and the Internet, for the conduct of JPL business, the performance of work-related duties, professional training, and education.  Limited personal use of these resources is authorized as long as such use:

  • Is occasional and of reasonable duration.
  • Does not adversely affect performance.
  • Is not prohibited by the employee's management or JPL policy.
  • Does not violate state or Federal laws, compromise intellectual property rights, or result in embarrassment to JPL, Caltech, or the sponsor.

The following activities involving email and the Internet are expressly prohibited:

  • Spamming, hacking or forwarding chain letters.
  • Viewing or downloading sexually explicit material.
  • Communications which are discriminatory, harassing, defamatory, threatening or embarrassing to JPL.
  • Posting to a web site that is not related to your job or field that can be viewed by the general public.

There is no substitute for common courtesy and good judgment in communicating electronically.  Remember that your communications can be traced back to JPL, so they are not much different from using JPL letterhead stationery.

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