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Conflict of Interest

The concept of "conflict of interest" applies to most ethical standards addressed in this handbook.  For our purposes, a conflict of interest is a situation in which our private or personal interests conflict with our official responsibilities as JPL employees.  Even the perception of a conflict must be avoided.

As JPL employees, there are three guiding principles that will help us avoid conflicts of interest:

  • Do not use your JPL position for personal gain for yourself or any person with whom you have personal, business, or financial ties.
  • Avoid any outside activity that could give the appearance of adversely affecting the objectivity of your judgment or interfere with the timely and effective performance of your job.
  • Do not participate in any procurement action, whether for JPL or a Federal agency, which involves a company in which you or your family has significant financial interests or other business or personal connections.

If you think there is even a slight chance you might have a conflict of interest you are responsible for asking someone else in authority to decide whether you really do or not. Refer to the Conflict of Interest policy for more details.

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