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Where to Go for Help

When you have an ethics-related question or concern, you are encouraged to discuss it with your supervisor.  If you are uncomfortable with this option, feel free to contact the Ethics Office. The contact can be anonymous, confidential or open, as you desire.  The Ethics Office maintains a confidential hotline (818-354-9999) with 24-hour answering machine service. You may also discuss the issue in person with any member of the Ethics Office staff, or contact the Office by going to Contacting the Ethics Office. The Ethics Office will make every effort to help you resolve your concerns.

Allegations of wrongdoing are reviewed and investigated by the Ethics Office and/or other Laboratory or Caltech Campus organizations -- such as Security and Plant Protection, Employee Relations, or Caltech Internal Audit -- depending on the nature of an allegation. The investigation process has been designed to be thorough and, at the same time, fair to all involved parties. Refer to the Ethics Process flowchart for a description of what happens when you call the Ethics Office.

If necessary, appropriate disciplinary action will be determined by line management with guidance from Employee Relations. Refer to the Ethical Business Conduct and Ethics Record Retention policy for more details.

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