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JPL's Ethical Business Conduct and Ethics Record Retention policy documents the Laboratory's commitment to conduct business lawfully and with high ethical standards.  The responsibilities documented in that policy are summarized below:

The Laboratory is responsible for:

  • Creating and supporting a strong and active Ethics Program
  • Developing policies that explain JPL's business ethics requirements.
  • Providing training to all employees on the Laboratory's Ethics policies.
  • Answering questions and providing advice for all employees on ethics issues that arise.
  • Investigating alleged violations of JPL ethics policies.
  • Maintaining confidentiality to legal limits when requested.
  • Maintaining working conditions supportive of employee responsibilities.
  • Protecting employees who, in good faith, report actual or reasonably suspected ethics violations.

All employees are responsible for:

  • Knowing, understanding, and complying with JPL ethics policies.
  • Contributing to a workplace environment that is conducive to upholding JPL's ethical business policies.
  • Seeking help when the proper course of action is unclear or unknown to them.
  • Being sensitive to behavior by other employees that is illegal or unethical.
  • Counseling fellow employees when they are in danger of violating JPL's ethical business policies.
  • Reporting material violations of ethics policies to their supervisor or the Ethics Office.
  • Not misusing the Ethics Program by filing false accusations for retaliatory or personal reasons.
  • Not interfering with the conduct of an ethics investigation.
  • Ensuring confidentially by not discussing with others any aspect of an ethics investigation.

Managers/Supervisors have a special responsibility for:

  • Leading by example.
  • Implementing ethics policies within their organizations.
  • Ensuring that all employees they supervise understand JPL's ethical business policies.
  • Encouraging all employees they supervise to attend ethics briefings annually.
  • Stressing the need for commitment to JPL's ethical business policies.
  • Maintaining a workplace environment that encourages discussion of ethics issues without fear of reprisal.
  • Supporting any ethics investigations when called upon.

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